A Cozy, Sustainable Lifestyle with Aventura


Every so often someone come along and surprises us. The same can happen with companies too. Several months ago I was introduced to Aventura clothing. Since then I have fallen in love with their comfortable fabrics as well as their mission, and I became an ambassador for their brand.

Aventura clothing is a family owned lifestyle apparel brand that takes sustainability seriously. Their eco-friendly items prevent synthetic fertilizers and farm chemicals from polluting the earth. They use several organic and sustainable fibers that are soft yet durable.

Their clothing and accessories are designed by women, for women. Based in Nevada, several of the items in Aventura’s line are manufactured here in the United States too. How fabulous is that?

I knew you would be impressed.

As an ambassador I had the opportunity to receive several items from the spring catalog. And you know what? I liked them so much I ordered several more (on my own dime). Such as the Kyle wrap that is soft, fits beautifully and packs lightly. It is perfect for evenings and being in air conditioned spaces during summer time. As someone who is always chilly, this is now my go-to garment. My other favorite is the Sinclair skirt. It is easy and comfortable. Let’s just say that my closet is now sporting both items in three colors each.

Aventura clothing’s mission is to be an active lifestyle brand with a low environmental impact. Their sustainability efforts are not just in their clothing, but also in their processes and in their offices. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with, which tells me so much about their working environment too. They are the real deal.

Because they are a smaller, family-owned company, their packages may take a day or two longer than some of the big-box stores to arrive at your door. If you are ordering for an occasion or event, consider giving yourself ample time for delivery or paying a bit extra for expedited arrival. You can also find the retailers near you that sell Aventura clothing by using their retail locator.

Want to check out Aventura clothing for yourself? The first 10 people to leave a comment on this post below will receive a code for 60% off your order. Yes, that was 60% off, people! Just head on over to http://www.aventuraclothing.com/ and let me know which item is your favorite!

Aventura Clothing

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