How I Lost My Summer Fashion Sense


Back in the Spring, I applied to and was accepted for the Aventura Ambassador program, which basically meant I could wear and talk about clothes that are supposed to be comfortable and eco-friendly. I was selected with some of my other favorite bloggers like Jessica, Alissa, DeborahTracy, and so many others. What an amazing group of women – all with an amazing fashion sense and awareness for the community in which they live.

(There are also many great travel bloggers involved and we chat once a month about treating life as an adventure under the hashtag #traventura).

When I started the program, I had one job only: pick out three outfits from Aventura Clothing for the Spring/Summer season and if I felt compelled to write about them, share them, and/or review them. Talk about feeling like a kid in a candy store. But it was HARD. Normally I’m limited by budget but I had no real constraints so I thought I’d make the most of it and try to stretch beyond my normal comfort zone of grays, blacks, whites, and the occasional brown.

I started by picking something as exotic as a RED STRIPED SWEATER! I know. It’s not very exotic but it’s brighter than I usually wear. And I paired it with a cotton tank and black hemp pants. YES – pants made from hemp!!

Weekend Antiquing

I wore all these pieces but never in this combination. Admittedly, I was trying to recreate the style in the photo and it never quite worked for me. The pants were a little too big and the sweater was a little too tight and together I felt very unflattered.


It wasn’t the clothes. It was me.

I didn’t feel good about my hair, my body, or my face. It was that self-loathing creeping in again.

But I kept trying. I stuck to my earth tones and ordered a gorgeous A-line dress, complete with a cute hat, and a splash of yellow.

Garden Party Casual

When I was invited to a garden party, I thought I had the perfect occasion to wear this.


I felt like I was too fat to wear this dress, was worried about the hat messing up my hair, and just couldn’t bring myself to wear yellow.

So I thought I’d try a simpler outfit with a cardigan and tank.

Cardigan Summer Chic

I definitely felt more at ease. Cardigans do a great job of covering up. And the scarf was my go-to item throughout Spring. I even learned to tie it just like the picture!



After breaking in my three “review” outfits, I decided I needed to add a few more Aventura pieces to my collection. I fell head over heels in love with an outfit in the catalog that was, again, outside my comfort zone but I really really wanted to try it.

Jeweltone Coolness

Yes, a JEWEL TONE top paired with the cutest white skirt. And I wore it just like that.


(This was at the Disney on the Road Celebration in Philadelphia where I got to hang with the fabulous Housewives of Frederick County.)

While I love the outfit, I felt so self-conscious with the clinginess of the top. The skirt, on the other hand, has been my go-to skirt for EVERYTHING this summer.

But the kids are back in school and the days are getting shorter. That means summer is coming to an end.

With my ever-changing size, I’m finding it harder and harder to feel comfortable in my own skin, let alone the clothes I’m wearing. And as I’m heading into the Fall/Winter season, it’s time to pick my new Aventura outfits for the cooler weather.

Here’s where I need your advice.

At this point in my life, do I stick with the colors and styles I already know I love? Do I look for clothes that are bigger (even though I don’t want to be bigger) so that I don’t feel as self-conscious? I’d love to hear your shopping strategy as I look at all the fall possibilities.

(P.S. The Aventura Fall/Winter collection isn’t out yet but you can get some great steals on some end-of-season items. And if you want even bigger savings, email me at with the subject line: Aventura Awesomeness and I’ll hook you up!)