It’s like a uniform, only stylish

Written by Amanda Rodriguez, aka Dude Mom

It has been ages since I busted out a style post.

So many reasons. Feel free to choose the one you like the most…

  • I’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of time as a fashionless heap, sitting in my basement in my jammie pants and college tees trying to finish up all of my client’s holiday photos so they’re not sending their greeting cards out in 2015.
  • It’s cold. And when I’m cold I pretty much just take whatever cuteness I am rocking and cover it in something thick and warm.
  • I’ve gained 5 8 OMG-this-is-getting-real-now-y’all-if-you-love-me-you-will-break-into-my-home-and-flush-all-of-my-Halloween-candy 10 pounds and all of my clothes look like they’re about to burst from the pressure. I’m basically down to tunics and athletic pants that still feel right.
  • It’s cold. So cold that it actually merits restating.

So, yeah, that’s what happened to the weekly style series that became a monthly style series that has sense become a quarterly-if-you’re-lucky style series.

But, don’t give up on me as your style inspiration just yet!

Me as a style inspiration! Ahahahahaha. <===== That’s me Lol’ing at myself.

Let’s discuss the fine art of the Mom Uniform.

We all have one.

They’re our go to items of clothing that we rock on a regular basis. Call it your signature style if you wish.

I like to call it my Super Suit.

Some of us make our super suit from whatever drawstring pants we find kicked under our beds as we rush around screaming at our kids to GET READY NOW THE BUS IS COMMMMING, taking the whole I woke up like this mantra to the extreme (she’s not being literal here people, she’s NOT!).

Some of us (raises hand as a former offender) go with the I-am-planning-to-hit-the-gym-at-some-point-maybe-possibly look and wear the workout leggings, workout shirt, workout jacket, workout sneakers ensemble as we secretly hi-five ourselves for not wearing yoga pants. For the record, this is kinda the same thing as yoga pants if you know in your heart of hearts that you and a workout are not going to be happening today.

I don’t think those are very super.

I’m not saying we can’t be mom BFFs if this is you. I’m just saying if you want to do better you probably can.

Even when you’re exhausted and going through sun withdraw from hours in front of your computer.

Even when you’re in your “fat week”. Or fat season as the case may be.

Even when, gasp, it’s COLD OUTSIDE. And you have to go to stupid jury duty. And sit in a room filled with people not even pretending to be excited about the “opportunity” to enjoy this “civic duty and privilege”. Who also don’t care about fashion or style or that you broke the mom super suit mold and wore your sweet leather cuff bangle for this occasion.  Or that you are updating your blog straight from the wait-around-forever room.

Deep. Breath.

Im going to the bathroom to do a juror selfie, but before I get into that I’d like you to meet my super suit…


It’s not fancy. It’s not expensive. Heck, it’s not even all that trendy. I could probably rock this same super suit from now until Dude 3 goes to college and no one would call me schlumpy.

Because it’s functional, it fits well and looks decent, plus I feel like I tried and other people do too. Which as far as I’m concerned is the mark of a good outfit.

You can easily duplicate it, or enhance it, or be inspired to make a super suit of your own.

Fall Style 2014: The Makings of a Mom a Super Suit

The Aventura Cords. Sometimes I have to actually talk myself out of these pants at the end of the day. They are well made, and so soft if I didn’t know better I’d think someone had actually sewn a pair of jammie pants inside of them! I posted an up close pic so you could see them better, fingers crossed I don’t break the Internet Kim K. style.

Morgan cords

The Everyday Tee. I recommend that you spend a good chunk of time finding your version of the perfect tee. I have two: one is this one from Aventura, the other is one from American Eagle. Both of them are basic, plain, long sleeve t-shirts with nothing fancy going on at all. What I love about both is that they are the perfect cut for my quickly ballooning midsection and they are the right length for my never-ever-gonna-get-any-taller frame.

The Colorful Scarf. Seriously, I swear I wear more than just Aventura but, I love the feel and easy added burst of color. Plus this one is long and not an infinity, probably because it’s technically a Pashmina. I have a deep loathing for the infinity scarf and it’s ability to make me look like the Marshmallow Man (short neck, heavy chest, abrupt torso=infinity scarf fail).


The Rockport Ankle Boots.  After countless hours of going back forth about whether or not leather thigh high heeled boots are a good look for me (they’re not), I went back to basics. They aren’t the most economic option though, so an alternate brand might be for you if you’re on a budget.

The Oversized Bag. Went shopping for the teen, came home with a sweet bag. It’s deep and it’s wide and it’s ah-may-sing. So, so in love with this bag and the color (hello gunmetal gray where have you been all my life?). American Eagle, I am your oldest fan.

Disclosure: I am an official ambassador of Aventura, the awesome, organic clothing brand that sends me clothing each season to rock out in life. When I find things I really love from them I tell you guys about it. Because I don’t keep fashion secrets from my friends!