Aventura Ambassador Spotlight

Jennifer 3

It’s that time again…time to introduce another one of our brand new ambassadors!  Today we have an entertaining interview with Jennifer from Two Kids and A Map.  Jennifer is an experienced adventurer with all the inside scoop on how to travel with your kids in tow!  Read on for more:

What trip are you most anticipating in 2015 and why?
We will be heading to Rhode Island in a few weeks to visit family. This is a part of the United States that I still have to check off our list. We plan to spend our days touring mansions and eating lobster rolls. This landlocked girl is excited to be able to eat some fresh seafood!

What is the craziest experience you’ve had in your travels?
Last summer, we drove from Denver, Colorado to Pensacola, Florida. The trip had been planned but we were all packed and ready to go by midnight the night before. So, instead of going to sleep we threw everyone in the car and hit the road. It was a 23-hour drive and we drove straight through. I don’t recommend it!

What is one accomplishment in the past year you are most proud of?
I have lost about 30 pounds in the past year (60 since moving to Denver two years ago). Instead of the fad diets I always turned to, I took it off with hiking and learning how to eat properly. When I ordered my first Aventura outfit, I was afraid it wouldn’t fit. You can imagine the smile on my face when the skirt slipped on and fit perfectly.

Tell us a story about the kindness of a stranger that affected your travels.
When my children were still in strollers, we drove through Yellowstone. The trip was one disaster after another. We made it to the parking lot of Old Faithful and decided to buy a bottle of wine from the store. I handed the wine off to my husband. He thought I had it and I thought he had it and you can imagine what happened next. Meanwhile, one child is throwing an epic tantrum and the other was covering himself with ice cream, admittedly a bribe for good behavior. A kind (and impeccably dressed) woman handed me some baby wipes from her perfectly behaved child’s stroller. There was no judgment in her eyes and for that I was thankful.

Tell us about craziest meal you have ever had while traveling.
We stayed in this beautiful hotel in Zermatt, Switzerland that offered a nightly barbecue. We didn’t know what to expect but we were confronted with an indoor meal of just about every meat that you can think of – kangaroo, rabbit, and more. I tried to be adventurous, but we drew the line at animals that can be considered pets!

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