Aventura Ambassador Spotlight

This week we are introducing the Shell from Things I Can’t Say. Shell is a mother who says what is on her mind.  We love her honest approach to motherhood, marriage and life in general!  We are excited to welcome her to the ambassador group!  Read on for more on Shell:

shell 2


What trip are you most anticipating in 2015?
My boys’ enthusiasm for this trip makes it the one I’m most anticipating: Universal Orlando. They love the rides and especially the magic of Harry Potter. It’s made for a great family trip in the past because there’s something each member of my family enjoys so we keep going back!

If you could switch places with anyone for one day, who would it be?
I’d actually love to have a “Freaky Friday” moment and switch places with one of my kids. They’d be able to see what I have to do and I could see what’s it like to have to go through their days.

How do you celebrate the arrival of spring?
Spring weather around here means we hit the beach! The water is a little cold for my taste until summer, but it’s warm enough to grab a book and cooler full of provisions and sit out in the sand, enjoying the sunshine.

What is one thing that gets easier as you get older?
Accepting myself, others, and situations as they are, instead of constantly wishing things would change or wondering “What If”. There’s still room for change, of course, but there’s so much that I can simply let go of. There’s such a peace in that.

shell beach