Aventura Ambassador Spotlight

Last, but certainly not least, we are proud to announce Brandi of Mama Knows It All as an Aventura Ambassador! Brandi makes our 7th new ambassador to join 10 ladies who returned from our 2014 group.  Brandi is a newlywed, writing about her adventures in motherhood, parenting and partnership.
Brandi ambassador
Give us your top three tips for raising healthy, confident girls.
Ask questions and then LISTEN to the answers. Model self love and confidence. You can’t expect your girl to love herself if she doesn’t see you loving yourself.  Spend time just being together. Show your girl that she’s important enough to warrant your quality time and she won’t have to look for attention in negative ways.
You’re a newlywed, what’s the most romantic thing your husband has done since you were married?
My husband is such a sweetheart. Whenever I have a win, no matter how small, he brings home flowers from work! It makes me feel so special and loved! The MOST romantic thing he’s done, though, is planned a surprise honeymoon. I didn’t know where we were going, and my only stipulation was that it be driving distance. The morning after our wedding, we got in the car and drove to an inn in Central California’s Pismo Beach. When I walked in there was champagne cooling in a bucket and rose petals on the bed. Our room had a huge fireplace, a private jacuzzi on the deck, and we rode bikes to the beach. He did an AMAZING job, and it was just a sign of the awesome things I had to look forward to in our marriage.
Who has been the biggest inspiration for you to live a healthy lifestyle?
Other moms are my biggest inspiration for living a healthy lifestyle! Many of the moms at Ayva’s school are active and focused (although not in an obsessive way) on being healthy, and it helps them to have more energy and to live a more balanced, less stressful life. There are A LOT of smiles from the moms during pickup after school, and a lot of happy kids. Moms are just happy where we live. I know it has to do with taking the time to take care of themselves. That motivates me a lot!
One place you’ve never been that you would love to go to one day and why?
I’ve never gone to Africa, and I’d love to go to any country on the continent. My family’s culture is influenced so much by African culture that visiting Africa would give me a deeper perspective on who I am.
Spring is here, what is your favorite summer activity?
My favorite summer activity is to go to the beach with some snacks and a good book and just lay out in the sun and read. Ayva comes and plays in the sand, we run in the water to cool off, and then it’s back the towel to chill out!
If you had a large sum of money to give away, who would you give it to and why?
I’d start a foundation and allow regular women with big ideas to apply for grants to realize their dreams. These women don’t have to be low income (although they could be), they don’t have to have in dire situations, super brilliant, or anything. The only stipulation would be that they’d be committed to following out their plan, and if it fails, they’ll try something else.