Finding Meaning

Today we are bringing you something a little bit different, but we hope it will be an inspiration to all who read it.  This post is written by Dr. Robert Lane, a member of the Aventura family. Dr.Rob writes a blog about his work helping cancer patients endure the hardships of treatment and live meaningfully thereafter.

Cancer Doc Talk

For those who will let it, a cancer diagnosis will change their perspectives for the better. It will bring into focus those eternal questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What lies beyond? Those who ask the questions early can experience changes of heart that occur painlessly. The perspective from which you live shifts from a life of expectations to gratitude, from dreams of the future into the preciousness of the now. From gaining more stuff to gaining more significance, from grasping for love to giving love.

Research shows us that most of us don’t start thinking about the end of life until we are within 20 years of typical life expectancy. As a result we behave as if we will live forever putting off the things we value most. A cancer diagnosis changes that abruptly. I challenge the courageous to ask themselves the cancer patient’s question:  “What will I do with my life if I only have a year to live?” And do it!

Cancer patients that do this live with less worry, more purpose, more meaning, more joy – and often live longer. Can those who are healthy match the courage of those with cancer?

Try it.