On the Road with Aventura

Many people don’t know, but in the apparel world, we are already working with retailers to secure placement for our Spring ’16 collection. Orders will be placed between June and August for delivery next spring. Here is a blog from the road from Tom Williamson, Aventura and Ecōths’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing.


It was great to kick off my Spring 2016 selling season meeting with some of Aventura’s key accounts. My first meeting was in Las Vegas, NV at the Zappos Headquarters in their new downtown offices which are really cool. Aventura and Ecoths are both performing very well with Zappos and it’s always a pleasure to stop by and visit with them in their relaxed office environment. My next stop was on the other side of the U.S. in Minnesota where I was traveling with two of our sales representatives, Julie and Mark Weeks. Together we had an excellent set of meetings with Acacia and Scheel’s, but the highlight of the trip was spending some time at the lake in Ashby, MN. It is always rewarding to travel with the reps and I always feel agriculturally smarter after traveling with Mark. Although I enjoy being on the road and visiting with so many of our accounts, there’s nothing better than returning home to the office and my family.