Meet Our Newest Ambassador!

This Fall we have added a total of three new ambassadors, and today we are introducing you to Meghan Ward of The Adventurous Parents and Based in Banff, AB, Meghan deftly melds the worlds of motherhood and outdoor adventure. We are excited to add another accomplished writer and outdoor expert to our ambassador crew!
If you would like to learn a little bit more about Meghan, read on:
Photo by Paul Zizka Photography 1
Paul Zizka Photography
What trip are you most anticipating in the next year and why?
Each year my family takes a trip abroad, and I always look forward to this trip the most. I’m not sure where we’re going yet in 2016, but so far our travels have taken us to New Zealand, Niue, French Polynesia, Hawaii, and Belize. I cherish the family time, the chance to tap into my adventurous side, and the opportunity to introduce my young daughter (now 2.5) to the joys of travel. 

What piece of advice would you share with parents who are new to adventuring with their children? 
Young children are quite adaptable, but the best approach, in my opinion, is to retain some familiarity and sense of routine amidst your adventuring. This might mean planning adventures around a nap schedule, bringing some of your child’s favourite items on a hike, or establishing a new routine while you’re travelling. Be sensitive to your child’s particular needs and help him or her feel comfortable and included in the adventure by making it fun and exploratory. Appropriate rewards and incentives go a long way in helping them cope in new situations.
What is one accomplishment in the past year you are most proud of?
Last March I launched a new mountain culture media and publishing company here in Banff, called Crowfoot Media. It was the culmination of eight years of dreaming, many years of working with other publications, and finding the right business partner. I can’t wait to see our first issue in print.
Tell us a story about the kindness of a stranger that affected your day?
Every so often, I get emails from people who read, my website about the transition of outdoor adventurers to parenthood. Some of these are heartfelt and very personal notes from strangers about their struggles in motherhood – everything from postpartum depression to body image issues or the challenges of finding balance in their lives. I appreciate that these people take the time to write, and think it’s very kind of them to trust me with their stories.
If you could switch places with anyone for one day, who would it be?
Many people cross my mind, from humanitarian workers to bestselling authors, but I’ve often wondered about the lives of Hollywood actresses like Meryl Streep. Sometimes it seems frivolous that they make so much money to act, but then I think of how hard they work and how demanding their lives are. And in her case, I know she took on a role as Margaret Thatcher and donated her entire $1,000,000 salary to the National Women’s History Museum. Add on top of that family life, and I really wonder how she deals with that kind of pressure. Want to switch places, Meryl? 
How do you celebrate the arrival of Fall?
The larch trees up here in Banff National Park turn a fiery golden colour. It’s absolutely breathtaking when these forests of trees light up the landscape. The air is cooler this time of year and it’s perfect for hiking.
What is one thing that gets easier as you get older?
As I get older I’m better able to discern which relationships I want to invest in, which seem to have played an important role in my life for a season, and which I should let go of. I have less tolerance for carrying other people’s negative energy, and so I like to surround myself with positive people who have a clear vision for their lives and who don’t get caught up in drama. It’s wonderfully refreshing to have the confidence to involve myself with people who keep me feeling buoyant.
Photo by Paul Zizka Photography
by Paul Zizka Photography