Still Feeling The Chill? We’ve Got Style Tips For You!

Today’s post goes out to all of our friends who are still experiencing cold temps! Take advantage of your last few weeks of cold weather clothes, because soon enough, it will be all skirts and tanks!
Today, we are hearing from Tracy Morrison of Sellabit Mum, on her favorite cozy Aventura pieces.
My favorite piece from Fall is the super-soft button up plaid top. I like to style it with jeans, joggers, or with leggings and boots. Seriously – the colors and style go with everything! I also love the zip-up sweater dress, featured top left below. It’s the perfect dress to wear with leggings and over a tank top.
I also can’t say enough about the Granada vest from last year – I wear it probably twice per week STILL. It’s my go-to transition piece. I need more Aventura vests!
So if you’re in need of some style inspiration to get you through the last cold days of the year, follow Tracy’s tips!