Simplify in 2017 with a Capsule Wardrobe

The beginning of the year is a perfect time to simplify our lives so that we can get to all of those resolutions we set for 2017. Our Aventura Ambassador, Lesli Peterson of 365 Atlanta Family, shared her experience with us on how she cut down and created a capsule wardrobe to simplify her life this winter. Check out how she did it below and be sure to check out her other awesome reads at her site:


I’ve been dying to build a capsule wardrobe ever since I learned about it…since my run in with KonMari and her minimalist magic. The problem? I’ve not been brave enough! But now we are moving from the burbs to the city…we are cutting our square footage in half…I need to get creative, and this was the perfect time to do it!


The other benefits of a capsule wardrobe?

  1. Packing for travel becomes MUCH easier!! Throw a few coordinating pieces into the suitcase, and you’re good for a week or two!
  2. Save money for adventures!! If you aren’t spending money 43 new outfits each season, then you can save it for more exciting adventures!
  3. Save time on wash! If you only have a few pieces, you aren’t constantly doing wash (or worse – dry cleaning!)

Well, now I’ve talked myself into creating a wardrobe capsule for the kids…but that’s another post for another day!

Want to try it? Want to give the whole Capsule Wardrobe thing a go? I worked with Aventura to put a Fall/Winter capsule together…and I’m going to give you the whole scoop!

Building a Capsule Wardrobe

13 basic pieces. With the right 13 pieces you can build an entire wardrobe for Fall and Winter! Here’s how I did it!




One dress for more formal occasions.

I am head-over-heels for the Camilla Dress. It is comfy and cozy, and looks super cute with leather boots, heels or rain boots. You can dress it down with a demin jacket, or dress it up with a cute belt.



Two pants in versatile colors.

There are some super cute NEW pants from Aventura this year, but I’m a slave to what I love and that is the Arden Pant.

If you have the Arden Capris then you might be taken aback by the more structured fabric of this Fall’s pant. Have no fear: they are a well-fitting as ever. Now, they just feel more like Fall pants – perfect for Georgia’s cold days!

I recommend the black and the smoked pearl – both are super versatile colors for your capsule.



Two skirts.

Honestly? I hate my legs. I don’t own any shorts and I rarely wear skirts and dresses in Summer, but for Fall and Winter I LOVE them. Why? I can hide behind great black tights or tall boots!

Again, go with neutral colors since this is a bottom. I picked the black Cambri Skirt and the Blanche Skirt in black. I love love love the quilting and side snaps of the Cambri skirt, and the “sweater” detail of the Blanche is super adaptable to dress up or dress down.



A casual jacket and a sporty jacket.

Layering is key to capsule wardrobes and Georgia weather, so I went with two jackets. The first, the Reagan Jacket, is a casual piece but I adore the feminine details. The ruffled pockets, the back panel with a structured waistline, the empire collar…it makes me feel like a girl without being “girly.”

For a sporty look, go with the Ivy Jacket. I’m super in love with the asymmetrical zipper and neckline….and who doesn’t love a hoodie! I got this jacket in a bright color – Raspberry Radiance – which I couldn’t pass up. It set the tone (jewel tone, that is) of my “brights” for this Fall Capsule.



Three layering pieces for color, texture and warmth.

More layers to add panache to your capsule include two vests and a light-weight sweater.

I selected the Jayla Vest in Silver Sconce. Like the skirt I mentioned earlier, I’m in heaven with the quilted front and back. I also like the knit sides and color of this vest, which keeps it more casual.

For a pop of color and a little dressy flare, I also added the Daria Vest to my capsule, in Blue Indigo. It’s a little longer that the Jayla, with snaps and more quilting detail. I love the deep pockets and the faux waist, which helps me look a tad more slim.

For the last of the layers, I recommend the Skyler Sweater. I picked the indigo color again. It’s light-weight and airy, making it great for throwing over a long sleeve tee, or over your shoulders on an oxford.



A colorful base layer top.

The simple white t-shirt is not enough – we need a more colorful base to the layers in our capsule. I picked up the Poppy Top in raspberry. The shawl neck looks awesome with everything, and if I weren’t in “capsule” mode I’d buy every color!



A single trendy piece.

You don’t want to deprive yourself of the trends going on this season…you just don’t want to be a slave to them! For that, I like to “reward” my frugality with a cute trendy piece.

This year, I am all about the plaids. It’s plaid, plaid everywhere! I picked the Alyssa Top for just this reason. I’ve been wearing it religiously, too, because it is not heavy flannel…it’s 100% organic flannel twill, which means it’s warm but light-weight. It works well by itself or as a layer. I also love the subtle tapered waist and the detailing on the buttons and cuffs.



An accessory.

Did you notice I picked pieces that were neutral, indigo or raspberry? I stayed with two bright colors, both jewel tones. I am able to make these work independently or together with the help of the right accessory. For me, it’s the Aldean Scarf in indigo (which happens to also have stripes of raspberry.)


How to mix and match

That’s 13 Aventura pieces. I know that’s an investment…but you get an entire wardrobe for Fall and Winter!! Plus, you may have some of these pieces already. Maybe the black pants or the cute casual jacket??

The weather here in Atlanta has not been cooperating this year. It’s 80 degrees the first week in November. But, I just got back from Seattle (with cooler temps, for sure!) and I only packed my Aventura pieces. It was HEAVEN! It worked so well!! And now I am sold on a capsule wardrobe! I can’t wait for it to feel like Fall here in Georgia!

With these 13 pieces, I was able to put together over 25 outfits!! Here are just a few of my favorites:

2016-10-15-14-44-15 2016-10-15-14-49-41 2016-10-15-15-03-34 2016-10-15-15-19-48

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