How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe with Aventura

Our ambassador, Lesli Peterson over at 365 Atlanta Family shares her latest capsule wardrobe using only Aventura Spring ’17 items. We’ve shared her secrets below!

Imagine this! 10 awesome pieces in your suitcase that will take you from brunch to biking to dinner.

spring capsule travel

Here is what Lesli pulled together to create a super easy travel set with our new spring line just for you. Serioulsy, you’re going to love it!

Dress Smart with The Gia

The Gia Dress is versatile enough to work at brunch, on the beach with the kiddos or over dinner cocktails. 100% rayon fabric makes it easy to pack, as well. I love the ruching on the shoulders, which you can show off with a warm-weather ponytail. The fabric means it stands up to the hot weather, and the shoulders are wide enough to hide any bra straps with a mind of their own. Want to stick to our suggested color scheme for the capsule wardrobe? Pick the Multi color, which is a pretty green with pinks, reds, and yellows. ($72)

Cover ‘Shoulder Season’ with the Alston Cardigan

You’re going to need a cover up for windy nights on the beach or chilly air conditioned museums. I love the Alston Cardigan in Blooming Dahlia. You’ve got more shoulder details here…and it works with more than just the dress! It will be great with skirts, shorts or any other summer outfit that needs a light layer. ($65)

The Sonnet Top is the Base You Need

Base Layers don’t have to be boring! The Sonnet Top has a perfectly feminine empire cut which I LOVE! Sure, you could do it in black…but I say grab the Coral or Dutch Blue to brighten your wardrobe…and your day! ($52)

Lean on Layers with the Sheridan Top

Warm weather still requires layers…and for that we pick the Sheridan Top. You can wear it buttoned or open and layered over The Sonnet top or a tank…wear the sleeves rolled up for a fun casual look. But do NOT miss the back detail…that button detail is everything! I’d pick the Dutch Blue or Spiced Coral! ($72)

The Liv Sweater Tops The Trends

The Liv Sweater is a piece I am most looking forward to this season. I love that it’s billowy and breezy (you’ll need a tank under it) and the crochet bottom is spectacular! I say go for the Natural color, with coral and blue stripes on the bottom! ($69)

Cool Off in the Tara Short

A pair of shorts are a must for most beach-combers, so I’d suggest the Tara Short. The cotton/dobby Lycra blend makes the easy to wear for two or more days before washing…and you can fashion them rolled up or just leave them down for more coverage. Shining souls can opt for the Coral color, but I’d recommend the Brindle so you can wear them with more tops and extend your capsule. ($65)

No Hiding My Favorite – the Addie Capri

The Arden Capri is the very article of clothing that initially won my heart to Aventura long ago! And now…the Addie Capri has come and it rocks my world. It’s essentially the Arden, but with a higher rise (you know…to hide evidence of those babies I birthed!) It’s a relaxed fit with straight legs….and I can’t gush over it more! So comfy, so flattering! If you have a little extra money to spend, this is where you want to do it. My secret? I own almost 10 different Aventura capris. They are amazing! Go with the Rock Ridge color for versatility…go with Dutch Blue for fun! ($75)

Introduce Structure with the Arden Skirt

I’m proposing two skirts in this capsule wardrobe…a structured one and a billowy one. Chose the Arden Skirt in either Dutch Blue or Black. I like the versatility of black, and the contrast of the white stitching details. This skirt is great for wearing everyday during travels or while kicking it with the kids. It has pockets for storing your phone (or a boogie wipe…you know what I mean!) and sits comfortably above your knee. ($59)

The Jolie Skirt Offers Swing and Sass

For a feminine, flowy bottom I pick the Jolie Skirt. I’m just a sucker for the curved panelings that make every step fun! Just like the Arden Skirt, I say go with Dutch Blue or Black – whichever color you didn’t pick earlier. ($64)

For an A+ Accessory Pick the Daisy Scarf

The best way to tie these outfits together is with a scarf! (Don’t miss this other post about why I always travel with a scarf–or two!) The Daisy Scarf in Dutch Blue will mix your blue items with black, tan or coral! It’s a long rectangle…and the cotton is cool and packs easily. ($30)

With this guide, you can build your capsule using only Aventura, but if you have a tighter budget, mix and match existing pieces in your closet with these items. The idea is to simplify and find key pieces that are versatile, speak to your style and can be worn in a variety of ways.

We’d love to see how you capsule, share your wardrobes with us on social media using #aventuralife! Good luck and happy spring!