Celebrate Earth Day Every Day with These Inspiring Tips

In celebration of Earth Day on Saturday, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite tips and article to inspire you to go green all year long.

Did you know that we are able to track our organic cotton from the farm to our factories to ensure we are always working to reduce our footprint? By using organically farmed cotton, we support avoiding the use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and genetic engineering? Over 75% of our styles use lower impact or sustainable materials. Check out our Sustainable page for eco-friendly styles that you can feel good about looking great in.

Monthly Garbage Jar: Born to be Adventurous​ and her family fit their garbage for an entire month into a small mason jar. That’s right! They reduced their household waste to a single jar! Check out her inspiring blog post here.

Ethical Fashion Directory: Lifestyle blogger, Still Being Molly has put together a Fair Trade, Ethical Brands, Made in the USA Clothing, Fashion, & Product Directory, to point you in the right direction go to “purchase with a purpose.”

Eat Local & Grow Your Own: Check out Amusing Foodie’s article, How to Eat Local, on why it’s so important to support your local food community. Thinking about planting your garden soon? Amusing Foodie has isolated the 5 Beginner Tips for Starting a Container Garden as well as, 3 Facts About Free-Range Chicken & Eggs.

Here are some more tips that our team is using in their daily life to have a smaller footprint in the world and on our beautiful planet. Visit our Facebook page and tell us how you go green in your daily life as well.