The Art of the Roadtrip with the Fit RV

When ambassador Stefany Adinaro and her husband James hit the road, they make the most of it. Stefany and James manage the website, where they promote a healthy RV lifestyle.

“We have a two-hour driving rule. For every two hours on the road, we have to stop and stretch our legs for at least 15 minutes,” says Stefany.

To make that happen, they pinpoint two-hour points along their route, then turn to websites like Roadside America to find interesting attractions off the beaten path. They add favorite stops to their “Binder of Fun,” which lists each of their stops, and a little history behind them.

Take a look at where they stopped on their most recent journey, as they headed from Utah to California on I-80, a 12 hour drive they broke into two days.

STOP 1:  World’s Largest Stuffed Polar Bear, Elko, Nevada

STOP 2: Thunder Mountain Park, Imlay, Nevada

STOP 3: Jewels of Elvis, Sparks, Nevada

“Turns out the jewels were sold back to Graceland, but all was not lost. The John Wayne memorabilia was a pretty good substitute.”

STOP 4: The Great Statues of Auburn, Auburn, California

“This incredible statue was very goddess-like and smack dab between a dentist’s office and an auto body shop!”

STOP 5: Bosco the Dog, Former Mayor of Sunol, Sunol, California.

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