Capsule Wardrobe for Spring Travel

Amy Whitley, founding editor of Pit Stops for Kids is a travel veteran, practiced in discovering adventures fit for the whole family and the wardrobes to match. Check out her tips for creating an Aventura spring capsule wardrobe for spring travel!

spring capsule wardrobe

This spring, ‘capsule wardrobes’ are all the rage, and I understand why. The idea of putting together a collection of coordinating and complimenting pieces of clothing makes for a more organized day-to-day life and certainly makes packing easier for any trip. I’ve actually been creating capsule wardrobes for years, without knowing it had a name…I’m minimalistic by nature and probably just couldn’t be bothered with too many outfits in my closet!

But if you ARE interested in creating a capsule wardrobe for spring travel, Aventura Clothing makes it really easy, because their pieces already compliment each other. As regular readers know, I’ve been an ambassador for Aventura for years now, and this quality brand keeps me coming back because it consistently offers high quality, organic clothing that’s comfortable, stylish and practical.

Creating an Aventura capsule wardrobe for spring travel:

Here’s what my Aventura wardrobe looks like this spring, utilizing new pieces from the spring 2017 catalogue, plus a few classic extras. Forgive me if my ‘capsule’ isn’t by the book; I may have fewer pieces than a traditional capsule, but wanted to stay true to what really does go into my bag for an average spring trip.

Note: if you’d like to put together a winter/cold weather Aventura capsule wardrobe for travel, check out this post from Atlanta 365.

One of the most important ‘rules’ of creating a travel capsule wardrobe is color coordination. Pick a basic color scheme, and stick to it. I often choose black/gray/white, but I’m boring that way.

  • I start with two pairs of pants: one capri and one light pant. (You could substitute shorts here, but I like to have one lightweight pair of pants for inclement weather, historic sites or cathedrals where I need to cover my knee, and chilly air conditioned buildings.) For me, the Titus Ankle Pant is the winner; it’s a very classic style that comes in basic colors. I have the white. For the capri, I love the new Addie Capri, because the length is adjustable from a long pair of shorts to a full capri. Versatile pieces are key!
  • I add two tank tops: one undershirt-type, and one dressier type. For my undershirt/base layer tank, I have two favorites, and what you choose will depend on your style and body type. The Zelda Tank is a nylon/spandex blend that almost works as a spanx (I said almost!). It can be worn alone, or layered with a light sweater or dress, which is what I do. If you want more of a camisole style, go with the Aster Cami.  For the dressier tank, I am currently in love with the Pearson Tank, which has really stylish cross-straps in the back to dress it up. It comes in several color patterns; I recommend the gray/black, because it’s classic and will go with your other pieces.
  • Next, add two tees or blousy tops: These are your main tops, that can go from cool spring weather to warmer days. The Sonnet Hoodie is a winner in this category, because it’s made of soft organic cotton that’s lightweight and doesn’t wrinkle, has 3/4 sleeves so it doesn’t get too hot, but has a cute hood just in case. I got the spiced coral color, because it goes well with my gray/black tones. For the second tee, I love the Sonnet Top. It has a similar weight and feel (and similar brushed heather look), but is a fitted tee with short sleeves. You can get more adventurous with different styles, but I stay true to one or two basic themes in my capsule wardrobe, so items can better mix and match.

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  • Add two dresses or skirts: At least one dress should be ‘dressy’ for nice evenings out. My pick is the Garland Dress. This cute wrap-style dress is so light and breathable, it was my go-to choice while touring ruins in humid Central America, but also went out to dinner with me. For a second dress, the Hollis is simple, comfortable, and ready for adventure, especially if you pair it with Aventura’s new Go Anywhere Shortie that fits under any dress or skirt.
  • Finish with one light sweater and one wrap: You need at least one sweater that can be worn as a layering piece. The new Liv Sweater is thin enough to pack down small, but warm when worn over a tank or tee. You’ll be shocked to hear I went with gray. It fits down in my backpack for day trips, too. For evenings out, I am in love with the Kyle Wrap, which goes perfectly with any dress, tank, or top, as long as you pick a nice, neutral color.
  • Don’t forget to include a few scarves: This is my #1 tip for successful capsule packing…accessorize with items that pack down small! Scarves take up almost no room, yet give boring outfits new life faster than anything else. The Madeline Scarf can be worn multiple ways, and is very light cotton so it won’t cause you to overheat.

Depending on your destination, you might also need: 1. rain jacket or fleece, 2. swimsuit and cover up, 3. sun hat or beanie. Don’t forget: you only need two pairs of shoes: comfortable walking/active shoes and sandals.