Happy Father’s Day from Ecōths

In celebration of Father’s Day, the Midlife Fashionista and her “Husbandista” Richard, have put together a fabulous and fun blog and photo shoot highlighting dads and Ecōths! Need a last minute gift for dad? Try Richard’s favorites- the Black Rock Zip Shirt and Carrington Shirt.
Yes, there is life after divorce. And a very nice life it is. After being married to the wrong person for 14 years, I feel so lucky to have found my knight in shining armor (or rather in Ecōths) the second time around.
So when Aventura and Ecōths asked us both to be in a Father’s Day blog, I thought it would be the perfect time to honor my amazing, silly, crazy, brilliant and very handsome husband Richard.
Richard is a green energy attorney (solar, wind and all that good stuff), yet he’s anything but serious. His jokes are ridiculous- off the wall really- but he makes me laugh.
We can laugh at just about anything, even when we both injured our hands.
Richard is more even-keeled than I am. Not much rattles him. I on the other hand, am a constant basket case- a self-professed worry wart.  We even each other out.
Richard is not shy. He jumps at the opportunity to guest on my blog and never passes up a good party. The only problem is that he likes to hang out with my friends.  No Richard, you are not one of the girls!
He loves to get new clothes and has way too much fun modeling and showing me how to pose. Another Zoolander in the making?

Richard is an incredible person and an amazing father and step-father to my children. He’s kind and compassionate and goes out of his way to help others.  He also makes the bed, does the laundry and empties the dishwasher. He’s a keeper!

Richard is wearing Ecōths a fabulous line for men.
He tells me that their clothes are cut just right and incredibly comfortable. I like the way he looks in them too (handsome devil!).
I am  wearing Ecōths “sister brand” Aventura. I love this line for so many reasons, but mainly because the owners are so kind and giving. They contribute to Uncommon Threads on a regular basis– our clients are so happy to receive such beautiful clothes!
Here I’m wearing their super comfy Hartwell Hoodie, which has fabulous detailing. This hoodie also comes in blue and coral!
So happy Father’s Day to the goofiest, craziest…
most lovable and simply wonderful man on the planet.
Yes I know how lucky I am.
Love you “Harold” XO Maude (inside joke).
Hair (for both of us!) by the incredible Robert Jason Salon.
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