The Many Ways to Style a Striped Dress

As the summer heat slowly begins to fade, more and more ladies have been turning to the Yvette Dress for its sleeves and flattering stripes. Check out how Still Being Molly, Dimples on My What and Lesli Peterson of 365 Atlanta Family have added their personal flare to this favorite summer dress!


Still Being Molly:“I am (and always have been) curvy and more pear shaped and I hear from other similarly-shaped women all the time that they still are afraid to wear a striped dress. They are afraid that a striped dress will make them look wider or more hippy or whatever… there’s still a lot of hesitation around wearing stripes for some women. And that is okay! But I am here to tell you that you don’t HAVE to feel that way! This striped dress from Aventura clothing has been a favorite this summer because it’s so comfortable and easy to style. SO I thought I’d use this great dress to show you how to style a striped dress!”

Dimples on My What:“Don’t hate me because gray roots are showing. 😬 I was headed to my colorist for HELP! Honestly though, I started the convo with her today about transitioning to GRAY. I’m pretty white under there! 😳 We’re talking a 5 year plan… NOT tomorrow. ☺️ Stylists don’t tend to like the topic. 😏 On an easier and less anxiety inducing note this adorable striped knit “Yvette” dress from Aventura is currently on sale! 👏 And ladies, it’s got sleeves…if you’re of the age to have gray hair… you’ll know that sleeves can be important too!”

365 Atlanta Family“Another dress with super powers, because the stripes and bodice line accentuate your waist and make you look slimmer. It’s cotton with a little jersey, so it is great for walks at the park or a picnic lunch. The sleeves offer a little more coverage than the Garland dress, so I’m good without a cardigan here.”