Pajama Party! (6 Fashion Influencers Spend a Ladies’ Weekend in L.A.)

There’s nothing better than gathering up your coziest blankets and juiciest stories, throwing on your comfiest pajamas, and getting together with your closest friends for an epic girls’ night in. Six fashion influencers, including Aventura ambassadors Jamie Fuller and Ruth Maldonado, recently got together in L.A. for a little pajama party fun complete with a pillow fight and our new Deer pajamas and Bearpaw slippers. So what do six fashionistas and Insta-friends get up to in the City of Angels? Jamie shared the inside scoop with us.

Becca in our Deer Night Shirt, the fashion posse in our Deer Night Shirt; Photo Cred: Ruth Maldonado

“I am a self-proclaimed homebody. If it involves leaving the house – I don’t really want to do it. The fact that these six women not only got me out of the house, but inspired a cross country flight alone speaks more than my words ever could.”

pajama party slippers

Carissa is in our Deer Night Shirt, Mary in our Deer Night Shirt, slippers from Bearpaw; Photo Cred: Ruth Maldonado

“The thing that stood out the most for me was how REAL these women are. Going from Insta-friends to meeting in real life was seamless. It felt like we could have been doing this every other weekend for years. And, maybe after chatting about our ups and downs and everything in between for the last two years, that’s not all that surprising.”

Kali in our Deer Pajama Henley and Pant, Ruth in our Deer Pajama Henley and Pant; Photo Cred: Ruth Maldonado

“Sometimes, it’s hard being in the blogger/Instagram world and living in the real world, too. People on the outside can’t relate to the thrill of the perfectly captured shot. Getting together with six other women who love fashion and sharing their lives as much as I do, was surreal. We spent the weekend chatting and laughing and no one batted an eyelash when someone whipped out a camera for an Instastory.”

Pillow fight with the gang, Ana in our Slumber Pajama Top and Deer Pajama Pant; Photo Cred: Ruth Maldonado

“We probably had the most fun representing the Aventura Life, because I mean really, who doesn’t want to lounge around in PJs with a few of their best friends? It was definitely a moment filled with laughter and love and encouragement. We are all different shapes, come from different parts of the country, have different beliefs and opinions. Yet, we bonded over pillow fights, girl talk, and super comfy pajamas. Those moments where we were able to be our true selves, the ones filled with fashion and fun, behind the brightly colored squares, those ones felt like coming home, from 3,000 miles away.”