QUIZ: What Fall Aventura Style Fits Your Personality?

Everybody needs a wardrobe staple that fits their personality. Find out what must-have is missing from your closet.

What’s your favorite fall tradition?

You have two weeks off work! Where are you headed?

What does your ideal morning look like?

You’ve been bitten by a radioactive spider. What superpowers are you hoping for?

What TV show are you currently binge-watching?

Your best friends drag you to a birthday party. Where will they find you?

What does your dream first date look like?

What’s your go-to comfort food?

What Fall Aventura Style Fits Your Personality?
Anya Wrap Cardi

You’re the queen of multitasking. Whether you’re cranking out a few miles before work or hitting the trail on the weekends, you’re always on-the-go. You need a sweater as versatile as you are. The Anya Wrap’s asymmetrical hemline and fringed front panel put an unexpected twist on the classic cardigan. Wear open or closed with a single button closure and hidden shoulder snap to wrap up post yoga or run errands around town.
Bethany Dress

You live for structure and organization. Your calendar is always full and your deadlines always met. But you’re no stick-in-the-mud. You’re always up for dinner with friends or cocktails with your significant other. You need a dress that will take you from the boardroom to the bar. The merino wool blend Bethany Dress features a fair isle print and flattering center seams, so it’ll always look as put-together as you are.
Annie Top

Your friends (and you have many) describe you as laidback and easygoing. You’ve never met a stranger and you have a knack for small talk. The Fair Trade Certified Annie Top is made with super soft viscose in a herringbone plaid design, ready for any fall adventure. Plus, the bottom of the shirt placket includes a cleaning cloth for glasses, camera lenses, and smartphone screens, perfect for all those pictures you’ll be snapping!
Deer Pajama Henley

You’re a total homebody! You prefer a night-in with your closest friends over a night-out at a hopping party anytime. The Fair Trade Certified Deer Pajama Henley is soft and made to move with you so you stay warm and cozy, even once your popcorn has long cooled off. It’s whimsical all-over deer pattern and contrasting striped neckline and cuffs make it as cute as it is comfy. Can you say girls’ night?

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