It’s Bigger Than a Dress (Joining the Dressember Campaign)

Every 30 seconds, someone becomes a slave. The statistic sounds staggering to those of us who view modern day slavery as obscure or remote, the problem of another time or a distant place. But the truth is, modern day slavery is happening close to home–wherever home may be–and occurring all too often.

Dressember campaign
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Of the 40 million people currently in slavery, 71% are women and 25% are children. They are trafficked from 127 countries and exploited in 137, found on every continent and in every type of economy. They’re forced into labor or marriage, become child soldiers or sex slaves, or fall victim to debt bondage.

It’s Bigger Than a Dress

That’s why this December, we’re participating in Dressember, a campaign that fights to rescue, protect, and restore the lives of these slavery and trafficking victims across the world. The challenge is creative and the approach unique: participants must wear a dress or tie everyday of December. But it’s bigger than a dress.

Dressember campaign
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The dress is a mere conversation starter, a chance the educate others about modern day slavery and an opportunity to direct them to a Dressember fundraising page. The money raised throughout the month is passed on to organizations such as the International Justice Mission and the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking, who:

  • train law enforcement, hospital personnel, and transportation authorities to identify signs of slavery and trafficking
  • work with law enforcement to rescue victims of slavery and trafficking
  • work with legal authorities to prosecute perpetrators of slavery and trafficking
Dressember campaign
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$5 Million Raised since 2013

Since 2013, what started as a personal challenge to founder Blythe Hill has turned into a global campaign. That first year, Hill set a goal of raising $25,000. She raised $165,000 instead. Since then, Dressember has raised $5 million for victims of slavery and trafficking.

This December, a team of Aventura staff and ambassadors have teamed up to raise money for this awesome campaign. Will you help us reach our goal of $5,000? As a thank you, we will be giving away an Aventura dress to 3 donors at the end of the December campaign. This holiday season, give the gift of freedom.

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