3 Ways to Style Your Button Up with Katrina Gwen

Katrina Gwen Rose knows how to get the most out of her wardrobe. After all, this busy mom juggles kids, work and her popular style blog. She’s a master of finding pieces that serve many purposes. And she’s spreading her wisdom. Katrina has put together three summer looks with one classic button up.

Do you have a go-to color for summer? I always lean toward pinks, florals and white! There is just something about how crisp the color looks, especially with a good tan (still working on that one!) This transition from spring to summer always comes with cooler mornings and evenings, which is the perfect temperature for this cute white pop-over, so I am sharing 3 ways to style your white button up!

Dressed up Mom Mode

Devon Pop-Over with shorts

I used to find myself with two wardrobes – one for work and one for weekends. As much fun as that sounds, it actually made getting dressed challenging. My closet was overflowing, and I had too many options. Recently, I’ve been merging my two wardrobes together to create a more mixed style, which results in outfits like this! Floral shorts (dressy) with a linen pop-over top (casual) create the perfect mom mode outfit. Now, you don’t have to be a mom to wear this (obviously) but I call it my mom mode outfit because I feel put together enough not to be embarrassed if I run into daycare friends and their families at the grocery store or if I needed to pop into a school meeting, but casual and comfortable enough that I can run after my little babe at the park.

Classic Tuck

Devon Pop-Over tucked in

If you know me at all, you know I love my front tucks! Grab your white button up and tuck it into a classic pair of high waisted denim. I love the look it gives! Pair it with easy slides for a casual look or heels and a motto jacket for date night. A simple blank canvas is the perfect base to build on!

Cover Up

Devon Pop-Over as swimsuit coverup

Swimsuit weather hasn’t reached us here in Halifax yet, but when it does I will be using this pop-over as the perfect coverup! Just because it didn’t come for a swim shop doesn’t mean it can’t be a cover up. I tend to grab oversized shirts or dresses as cover ups, which lets me use my wardrobe over and over again (and helps me pack less when going away.) Try it next time you hit the beach!